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Does not work on IPad Pro 12 inch.

I did as instructed , deleted and reinstalled, powered on and off the iPad and the app still doesn’t work . Wasted my money. I deserve a full library of hard copies 🤓

Great photo magazine

Black and White has everything you would ask of a photo magazine. It covers classic and modern angles. It gives practical advice on improving you skill level and follows current trends in photo art. All wrapped up in each issue to be Sabo red like a fine meal; one course at a time. One of the best being published in this shallow time of vapid photo practice.

10/ 10!

Excellent articles with a broad view of covered subjects. Thoughtful writing and beautiful images when read on iPad. More technique oriented than most American produced magazines (is about photography and not endless equipment pitches or pixel peeping approach).


Gives me what I need fast.Great contrast.

Great writing and excellent photography.

Look forward to each issue. Focused more on images than equipment. Quality work.

Rip offs

They told me I got a free issue then charged me $4.95 for it.

Ace magazine

Top black and white magazine.

Ideas, Execution & Equipment

Black &White is an infinite source of information about the current and past ideas of photography. Photography as pure art is about visual communication from photographer to viewer of the imagined or perceived idea in reaction to an image which was formed in the photographer's mind or seen by their eyes and then transmitted to the viewer by a printed or electronic medium. Black and White's editors attract the newest, most interesting and most informative new ideas and present them in high resolution words and images. They inform their subscribers of the latest exhibits. The articles also provide insight into the newest techniques and equipment as well. I read to inform myself, inspire my own attempts to create and enjoy the beauty found by others. A magnificent publication!

Brilliant, Original, Well Written

Not the same old stuff. Excellent, informed, creative, original. So nice to read something that is original.

Must read!

This is the best photography Magazine out there. Always bringing interesting articles, the new and the classic, with a poetic approach. always a pleasure to read!

Best there s for BW content

I've long enjoyed the print version of BW Photography and was delighted to see it available as an app. It reads easily on my iPad mini. It downloads quickly and its design makes moving through the mag super simple. The content of this publication is top notch in every single issue. If you like photography, and especially bw photography, this magazine will not disappoint.

Highest quality photography tome!

I can't believe there is not a single review for this magazine. This publication is of the highest quality with in-depth articles and excellent photography. It's dense with ideas and inspiration. I look forward to it every month. Highly recommended.

Consistently well produced

Update May 2014 just to say thanks again. When you get tired of all the hype, this is the one to center your eye. Sometimes I'm really tired from shooting but I'm still just so in love with my camera I want to go on being in my work. I sit in the twilight at 2 a.m. and read this. 1st review: My go-to read for the company of people who just care about photography. It's a quiet friendly magazine with straight forward commentary on technique. Always has at least one shoot whose images inspire me. Thanks!

Not the U.S. version "B&W+Color"

This is an English magazine—not U.S. I was expecting the U.S. version.


This app imediately aborts when I tap on it.

Worst interface I've ever seen

I spend more time fighting the interface than reading. Scrolling from page to page works fine, for example, unless of course you zoom in to read something. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The home page is utterly useless; it doesn't even have orientation control! Half the time trying to select a magazine to read fails; you get whatever you had last time. Your "library" interface is so much trouble to find something you already have downloaded it's almost not worth it. Constant "downloading" progress bars abound, and of course, trying to find a page you were reading last time is worse than finding one in an actual magazine. Too bad you can't rate something as a zero star.

Great mag

Wonderful magazine for people interested in black and white photography.

Great mag

This magazine covers black & white in both film and mag on the market. Beautiful photos, great articles.


This is without a doubt THE best photography magazine out there (and I subscribe to several and read about a dozen every month). It is truly focused on photography, as opposed to the other 98% of "photography" publications that are slanted heavily toward software, gear or technique. Though there are a very select few product reviews (i.e. tripods, wide angle lenses) which are tested and rated in every issue the overarching theme is on photography as an art. Reviews are always to serve the greater good of the medium, rather than sheer product consumption and camera collecting. And finally, the writing. I immediately go right to Lee Frost's articles; as he is not only a stellar photographer, but an equally fine writer on the subject as well. An absolute pleasure to read his column every month. Simply put - there is no other photography magazine that comes close to the news, interviews, industry coverage, commentary (and technique, and reviews) as this UK publication. Guaranteed to entertain, inspire, educate and make you a better photographer!

Great Magazine

I love the content. So many photo mags have little valuable content but I find this one well written with some good advice. Cheaper than the newsstand and I love increasing size of the photos on my ipad to better see the details.


Great magazine on the iPad much cheaper than buying at news stand. The magazines just download slowly


like it:)

Rip off

This is a paid app so I expected at least some actual content. There is none! Not even one 'free' issue. Everything is an in-app purchase. Stay away!

Fantastic Magazine

Great magazine with excellent photos and content. Occasionally the app has some glitches, but the app always manages to work well.

Great Mag

A great mag with wonderful images and great content.


Just "downloaded " this app, and paid for it, and it's not appearing on my ipad! Rip-off.

Last update is terrible

Since the last update, which sounded promising I haven't been ale to download the January edition in 3 days of trying. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Re-downloaded content, you name it, but this version is unusable. Disappointing to not be able to read a magazine I have paid for.

Stay away from this app!!!

This app doesn't work in the way it should be. I purchased 6 month subscription but it doesn't appeared in my account. And because of application error I purchased it twice. So, no I spent more then $40 for nothing! I'd better to subscribe for paper magazine -it's more expensive but I definitely have an issue if you paid for it!

Still has major issues

Bugs like crazy. App shuts down constantly, takes a really long time to load with no indicator as to what it's doing.

Better than the Last Version

Everything seems pretty great. All the major issues from the last version are fixed

Great magazine

One of my favorite magazines for black and white photography. Great articles and photography. The digital format is great.

Don't buy, constantly crashes

You would think that based on the feedback from previous readers the publisher would update the app. They haven't. The app constantly crashes, allthough it delivers nothing more than a digitised version of the magazine. After reading a few pages, all I get now is a black screen. Have to close the app and login again to continue reading the next few pages until it happens again. Highly frustrating!

Yup. It crashes.

Works fine occasioally, then displays a black screen when you try to access a magazine. After the latest iOS update, it's all just black screens now. Good magazine, but poor implementation of the app causes me to look elsewhere for articles and materials. The Internet is big with a lot of information, you just have to search more.

Got swindled

So you have to reload the app every time you want to use it? It crashes every time, so don't buy it, because you will get jipped!

Crashes Doesn't allow creation of account to view magazine

Error states internet connection not working despite same connection allowed me to successfully download app, free magazine and post this review,


This app constantly crashes after moving away from the splash page, and yes I did delete it and re- load as recommended in the support FAQs. I have an original 64 gig iPad with over 10 gig of free space running OS 5. Don't waste your money until the problems with this app are fixed.

85% ads

They should pay us to read this, it's mostly ads with very few photos or articles. Not pleased.

So-so app

I'm glad it was only $2.99. The overall concept is fine; it feels like a magazine. The problem I have is the's fuzzy when you make the page bigger. There's no way I'm going to read an article with small, fuzzy font. Also, and this is somewhat minor, but you can't do anything while an issue is downloading, it doesn't do it I the background, so you have to sit. And wait for a couple minutes while your issue downloads...if you try to do anything else the download is suspended. Fix the fuzzy font problem and I will consider a subscription.

If you love photography, get this app!

Have bought this magazine for years, always enjoyed it. You have to download the app, then you can order the magazine (you get one free copy for downloading the app). Each copy is like $4.99 and they give you a deal if you want a 6 copy subscription, etc. Easy to download and use, you can view in portrait or landscape, I have an iPad 1 and have not had any problems with it. This magazine is hard to find in the U.S., unless you go to Barnes and Nobel, or some other big box news stand, etc . Looks great on the iPad and you can pinch/zoom. The pinch/zoom does get a little crazy (do it slow) or it zooms up real fast. If you lay it down (the iPad), the application (magazine), flips like a real one. Well worth the time/money.

Awesome Addition to my iPad Collection

I noticed a couple of comments here about portrait only mode and wanted to chip in. I bought it anyway and was pleasantly surprised to find that it's landscape in the landscape orientation and portrait when the iPad is portrait. Very happy to have access to this magazine, something that is very difficult to find in the US and is very expensive when you do.

A great addition to my iPad library

One of my very favorite photo mags, conveniently on my iPad...what could be better? I've got all the great articles, features and photos I usually purchase from the newsstand each month now at my fingertips. This is a terrific app, and I'll be purchasing more editions in the future.

Save your money

Ugh !!! Should have waited for reviews.

Not liking portrait only!

While I have read only several articles, most of which were informative, I do NOT like the portrait only mode of this magazine. I will not buy more issues till landscape is available!

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