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Something I need

The best electronic photo magazine for me. I need it like a drug

Do not buy!

I payed, for nothing! Yet waiting for a response. It was supposed that you should get one issue, at your choice, but they just give you the tool to buy the issues they sell. If you try to download one issue, you just have to pay more. Apple, you have to deal with serious people!

Love it!

Each issue is filled with good articles, how tos, interesting book and expos reviews, and BW photos . I also enjoy having it on my iphone for a quick glance on buses, airports, etc...its a joy to look at the photographs and read the interviews

cool magazin...

...but the price is only for one ! issue !!!

Crashs in iOS 6

Unfortunately the app crashes on iPhone and iPad running ios6! The content is great, but this is inacceptable!

Usability is poor and design is not optimized

The content of this publication is great. It is a pity that the app does not do it justice. Being enabled for the iPhone it is practically unusable and not optimized. The annoying need to log in every time is inexplicable to me. For the success of the publication, I can only encourage the developers to put effort in this development. Otherwise, the content will never reach the audiences it intends to.

Dies Not work

Money-wasting app! It is not running on my iPad Mini!

Nice magazine... Expensive subscription

The content of the magazine is great. The app is average. Download time of each issue is heavy even on a fast connection; large file for each issue. Navigation is fine but not the best comparing to other magazines. And the subscription is just expensive for an online virtual magazine that will quickly fill your iPad memory. Better by it in print!

Text hard to read

Pictures display well but small text is unreadable. If you zoom in text becomes blurry.


Doesnt work anymore with iPad 1 and Newsstand :-( I lost everything !!!!!!

Great magazine - horrible app

Love the magazine. I just bought the new ipad and decided to subscribe to it through it -- app crashes and freezes. Wish I could cancel ipad subscription.

Great magazine

A rare magazine dedicated only to black-and-white photography, it has beautiful work with interesting ideas to share from time to time, and will help to inspire photographers interested in this field. I agree with one of the reviewers saying that the words are not particularly crisp, but I still manage to read them zooming in with 1 foot away, so Im fine with this. The only thing I wish, if they could lower their issue price a bit, that will be wonderful as some other British magazine comes as low as $0.99 per issue. The downloading time will take a little while, but your patience will be rewarded accordingly.

Great magazine!

Without a doubt, an excellent magazine. A true rarity in this digital age to have a magazine specialised in B&W! I subscribe to both written and digital issues. But having it available digitally is great as I can cross index and file according to my specific needs.

What did I buy?

What did I just spend $2.99 on? Do you have to spend $2.99 just to be allowed to buy the issues?


Amazing articles and inspire for excellence !


Superb magazine! And the app was realized very well!

B&W Photography

the best magazine

Best BW magazine!

Great ideas, pictures, suggestions, informations. High quality images, easy to use.... But... Too many ads... From the start it changed a lot... Anyway I still love it.

Few commercial

A really nice magazine were it treat about photograph with nice interview and good article in order to reflect on it and discover new skills or a stimulation to consider another point of view.

ONE of the best photography magazine ever

This is a real example of how a magazine soul D be made today.

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